Training & Research

We will enable you to scale heights, build your career with us.

We provide training to those who aspire to learn and explore the medical sciences. Our training program includes researches in the field of biosciences and other healthcare system. Our dedicated team of faculty is committed to offer the best training services to the students. You can call us to get more details about the training services offered.

Hands-On Training

Molecular Genetics & Bioinformatics
1. Seven Days Hands-on-Training on blood collection, biochemical analysis, ELISA, DNA isolation, PCR, Gel electrophoresis, Genetic data analysis
2. Short term Training (30 days/ 45 days) for UG & PG students as per academic curriculum

Tissue Processing & Microtomy
Seven Days Hands-on-Training on Tissue processing, block preparation, section cutting, slide preparation & staining

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Academic Training Program

Dissertation Program
Long Term [3-6 months] extensive training on Molecular Genetics is provided for the B.Sc. / M.Sc. / M.D. students with special guidance and full laboratory support.

Ph.D. Program
PhD. Program in Origin LIFE is student-specific, with full laboratory support special guidance in research article writing, publication assistance, thesis preparation.

Our major research focuses are Reproductive Genetics, Reproductive Immunology, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL), IVF failure, Immunogenetics, Endometrial Cancer, Cancer Genetics, Infectious disease, Metabolic Syndrome and Epigenetics.

The research topic of the PhD program is decided by mutual understanding between the Research Scholar along with the supervisor and Origin LIFE.

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A Glimpse of Engaging Training Sessions

Ongoing Research

Research Collaborators

Dr. Ramdayal

Singhania University, Rajasthan,

Dr. K. Singh

IRCC Hospital & IVF Centre, Haryana,

Dr. Ramesh Sahani

Punjab University, Chandigarh,

DR. Bhupendra Kaul

Asistant Professor
School of Bioengineering And Bioscience,
Lovely Professional University,

Dr. Kalpataru Halder

Department of molecular biology, BKC College, Kolkata,
West Bengal, India