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Origin LIFE - Infertility Diagnostic Centre in Chandigarh


“Motherhood Is Not Far If The Diagnosis Of Infertility Is Correct And Complete.”

Origin LIFE” is a knowledge-based specialized Infertility Diagnostic Laboratory and Research Centre, Chandigarh, involved in revolutionary work with the latest state-of-the-art technologies in Reproductive Health, Unexplained Infertility, IVF failure, and Cancer genetics.
Origin Life is India’s 1st Infertility Diagnostic Laboratory in Chandigarh.


Soil Test Endometrium Profile (STEP)

Implantation is a multi-factorial process and endometrium is its rate-limiting factor. A complete endometrium profile can delineate the causes of implantation failure. The STEP test defines the role of endometrial factors responsible for infertility...

Receptivity- Cellular Adhesion Molecules (rCAM)

The agonist biomarkers that facilitate the attachment of embryo are called cellular adhesion molecules (CAM). At the same time, specific biomarkers that are antagonists to CAM are called anti-adhesion molecules. The females...

Endo-Immune Test

To analyses the immune competency of the endometrium, "Endo- Immune test" comprised of immune cells and cytokines described as active participants (uNK cells, Plasma Cells, Th1, Th17) in immunity-derived infertility. For implantation to...

Chronic Endometritis Factor (CEF)

Be it bacterial or viral; infection changes the environment of the endometrium to the extent that it becomes incapable of conception. A specific factor, which we call chronic endometritis factor, is an indicator of endometrial infection. In women with recurrent pregnancy...

Endometrial Infection Test (EIT)

Infection in the endometrium poses a challenge to the implantation process as it incurs potential harm to the environment of the endometrium. The environment of endometrium required for attachment of embryo must be infection-free so that the implantation....

Endometrial Receptivity & Maturation Analysis

Specific molecules, which we call implantation biomarkers, are needed to present or absent at the implantation site at the time of the window of implantation (WOI). These biomarkers are dysfunctional at the site of implantation and in the endometrium...



Immunotherapy is a treatment for unexplained pregnancy loss or IVF failure and involving the modulation of the immune response. This is done...

PRP & PBMC Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and Peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) is an autologous product derived from whole blood of the...

Infertility Diagnostic Centre in Chandigarh

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11 Sep 2019 Origin LIFE
Origin LIFE
24 April 2020 Origin LIFE
Soil Test Profile Test

Soil Test Profile Test (For IVF failure/RIF/RPL)

31st March 2021 OriSperma kit
OriSperma kit (Sperm DNA Fragmentation Analysis)
19th February 2021 OriCAN (LBC) kit
OriCAN (LBC) kit
5th September STEP Test

STEP Test (For Endometrial receptivity & Function Analysis)

17th November 2021 OriFERT-F and OriFERT-M

(HPV screening test for females and males)


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